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The Auglaize SWCD conducts an annual fingerling fish sale. The fish offered are intended for stocking ponds and lakes; with the minimum pond size suggested for stocking 1/4 acre with a minimum depth of 8 feet.  The following are suggested stocking rates per acre for a new or un-stocked pond.  These rates apply to surface area and should be adjusted to fit your pond/lake site.



Largemouth Bass 100, Bluegill 500, Yellow Perch 100, Channel Catfish 200, White Amur 10, and Minnows 1,000


Other fish available are:  Hyrbrid Bluegill, Redear Shellcracker and Black Crappie.


The District gets the fish from Remlinger Fish Farm.  The fish are delivered to our office in cardboard boxes, contained in a sealed bag with water and oxygen, fish must be put in the pond/lake within two hours of pick up.  All fish are sold by the box.



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