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Auglaize SWCD in joint effort with NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service)
provides multiple services to Auglaize County producers.
To view our services, please click on either the icons below or the services tab above.



***NOTE: Auglaize SWCD does not recommend any contractor over another.  No representation is made as to the quality or workmanship of the contractor.  A landowner may choose any contractor they desire whether on this list or not.


If you or someone you know would like to be added to our contractors list or your information has changed, please contact our office by using the contact tab above.


When deciding to buy a farm, build a house, dig a pond or build a park it is important to know what you are building on or digging in. Our office can provide you with a copy of the county soil survey book.  It provides a wealth of information that can be used in land planning.  The book looks like a double-layered puzzle that includes an aerial photo covered with odd shaped soil labeled areas.

Some soils in the county are subject to flooding, shallow to bedrock or seasonally wet.  Several soil types are very poor and sometimes impossible to build certain things on. The book provides general and detailed information on each of the soil characteristics.  It also charts each soil type according to its ability for specific practices and uses.

If you or someone you know would like a copy,

please contact our office.


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