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Each year the SWCD organizes a soil judging event for all the High School FFA classes in the county.  Schools divide their students into teams of four students.  Each student is scored individually and with either a rural or urban team.


The URBAN event, requires students to answer questions about soil properties, give an overall rating for the land and submit recommended management practices.  The soil properties include slope, landform, flood hazard, soil stability, soil texture, depth to seasonal high water table and depth to bedrock.


The AG event, requires students to answer questions about land description, land capability, land use and recommended conservation practices.  Land description sub-categories include slope, erosion or depth of topsoil, texture of surface soil, depth of soil and natural drainage ability.


Soil Judging Results
Rural Team - Minster #2 - Owen Bergman, Evan Prenger, Ian Homan, Leanne Wendln
Urban Team - Minster #4 - Max Knapke, Will Knapke, Connor Schmiesing, Gabe Bornhorst
Rural 1st place - Max Bergman, Minster FFA
Rural 2nd place - Evan Prenger  Minster FFA
Rural 3rd place - Owen Bergman Minster FFA
Urban 1st place - Max Knapke Minster FFA
Urban 2nd place - Will Knapke FFA
Urban 3rd place - Grant Larger Minster FFA
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