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If you have questions about H2Ohio, 
 contact Molly by calling  419-738-4016 
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Voluntary Nutrient Management Plan - Basic or Precision

$10/ac - basic or $15/ac - precision

Practice Guidelines - Development

Practice Guidelines - Implementation

Subsurface Phosphorus Placement


Practice Guidelines

Manure Incorporation

$34/ac - dry or litter  ~  $60/ac - all liquid

Practice Guidelines

Overwintering Cover


Practice Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I sign up for the 2024-2025 program?

A: Call our office and make an appointment. We will help you create a login in the new software called My Farms. You will need your farm maps in one of the following methods: shape file from your Ag Retailer, John Deere connections, Climate Field View or a map from your local FSA office.  A valid email address is required as well as which Ag Retailer will be creating your VNMP.

Q: When can I sign up?

A:  Sign up now thru February 2, 2024

Q: How do I know what the weather condition requirements are for spreading manure or commercial fertilizer?

A:  Western Lake Erie Basin restrictions - click here.



OACI information:


or click here for a copy of the flyer

Click here for part 2 instructions

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